Why Business Executives Need Smartphones

How to use your smartphone for executives

As the years progress forward, technology rapidly evolves at an astonishing rate.  In just a few decades we have progressed from having heavy computers in offices with green screens and very little computer power, to computers that we can now hold in our hands and take anywhere.  These new computers are known as smartphones, which have the tremendous benefits of being constantly connected to the internet and harnessing more power than laptops had just a few short years ago.

Due to the endless capabilities that smartphones have, being the valued executive that you are, it’s essential to use in your business.  Let’s take a quick look at one way having a smartphone will save you precious time and money.

A Single Solution for Multiple Problems

You’re waiting on a business proposal to arrive in your email for a very important meeting that will take place the next morning.  One problem: you woke up late because you forgot to set your alarm and traffic is abysmally slow.  In this case, a smartphone would easily save your day.  Using only one device you could set your alarm, be alerted of new emails, edit an error in the proposal document, send the correction back to the office, automatically be told what the traffic is like before you leave the house (and suggest an alternate route if there’s heavy traffic) and be guided to the office using voice navigation to make it to the meeting on time.  In a worst case scenario, you could virtually attend the meeting by using the front facing camera on your smartphone.

The possibly are truly endless.  You may not know how to do any of these things right now, but Teach Execs will change that.  Make sure you subscribe using the box on the upper right hand side to get tips sent straight to your email.  With my help, you’ll learn to increase your business’ productivity using only the power of your smartphone.

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