Smartphone Troubleshooting

Do you have a computer and have had issues with it? Being that smartphones are smaller versions of computers, chances are you’re going to run into problems with them as well. I’m able to help you solve various issues with your phone, ranging anywhere from your battery draining low to memory warnings that cause your phone to slow down dramatically. After we’ve worked together and sorted through all of your issues, you will receive a follow up call from me to ensure that all previous matters have been rectified to your satisfaction. I’ll give nothing less than my best efforts in order to get your phone up and running smoothly like the day you took it out of the box. This isn’t your typical troubleshooting service, as meeting in person or through Google Hangouts are my preferred means of communication to keep things a little more personal when possible.

Smartphone Selection Assistance

Think about the last time you went into a Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint or AT&T store to purchase your next smartphone, or just too look around. Did the respective customer representative steer you towards a phone that is well suited for your or were you immediately shown the latest and greatest model? I was once in a retailer’s store where the customer specified exactly what type of phone they wanted, but the representative guided them to a totally different device. Based on my experience, I’m going to deduce that the later occurred. Using a personal survey created by Teach Execs, together we’ll narrow down a phone selection that will best suit your needs to help ensure that you’ll be happy with your phone throughout the term of your wireless provider’s contract (normally two years). After your smartphone arrives I will be your personal smartphone consultant for two weeks, available to answer any and all questions you may have about your new device.

Smartphone Apps for Business

The Windows Phone Marketplace currently offers 100,000 apps, with the Play Store (Android) and App Store (Apple) offering 675,000 and 700,000 respectively. With such a vast amount of apps available for download, selecting the best application without jeopardizing the security of your business is a daunting task. Teach Execs will help you overcome that hurdle by offering a selection of high reputable, quality apps to use for your business. The critical benefit of smartphone apps is that they allow you to operate your business outside of the office. Whether it’s turning a document or image into a PDF for a client, participating in a video conference or editing a document on the go, Teach Execs will help you decide on which apps are best for your business and how to use them to increase your productivity.

Logo Design

Any reputable business is most well known for their brand, which are most easily recognizable by their logo. Nike. Apple. McDonald’s. In one blink of an eye anyone can put a name to the aforementioned logos, along with what the associated company does or what it’s known for. Teach Execs wants to make your business just as recognizable so that you can gain more clients and become a well known, respectable business. If you’ve already come up with a name for your businesses, then you’ve done your share of the work. Let Teach Execs finish the rest and produce a bold, creative logo that will appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Just as the world evolves, logos endure the same fate. If you feel that your logo needs rejuvenating in order to keep up with the times, well you’re in luck. Put a face on your business’ name that you can display proudly.

Social Media Implementation

As much as some business insist on dismissing it, social media is here and it’s here to stay. In order to compete with not only local business, but business on a global scale, social media is a necessity. Before social media, it was extremely hard to compete with big businesses unless the budget was there to do so. These days there is a level playing field out there that provides all business, local and worldwide, a chance to get their name out there and interact with those who matter the most: their customers. Which social media platforms are right for your business? How do you get started? How can you use it to increase profits? Teach Execs is more than capable of teaching your business team how to do so and more, as well implement it all for you. It’s time to get people talking about you and now is as good as time as any.

Website Creation

Having a website is similar to having a physical business location in that if your business doesn’t have one, it’s hard for people find out about you and what you do. Teach Execs will provide you with a polished and professional looking website that you can refer your current and future clients to. Along with a fantastic looking website, you’ll also receive a customized e-mail address to add even more credibility to your business. Continuous website maintenance is also available to ensure that information regarding your business is fresh and up to date. Examples of maintained websites are, and ,of course,