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My Story

Receiving my B.S. in Integrated Systems Engineering, I’m a graduate of The Ohio State University who enjoys gadgets and living a fun yet successful life. I also have a passion for technology, especially smartphones, which has led me to the career path that I am on today.

As the owner of Teach Execs, I currently partner with executives to increase their business productivity.

After feeling restricted by the lack of customization options previously offered on the old Windows phones in 2010, I migrated to Android. That shift led to the beginning of The Tech Temple where my helpful YouTube tutorial videos began to attract thousands, including being featured on Techno Buffalo and writing for The Examiner.

Helping people from ages of 15 to 65 with their smartphones, on and offline, became something I thoroughly love doing. I decided that I wanted to help executives utilize the power of smartphones, and have been able to do so thanks to the tactical social strategies taught to me by Tina Williams, Trish Gilliam and the rest of the team at Social Media Certification from them was a life changing experience.

As I’ve learned how to help businesses utilize social media to help establish that connection with customers, I decided to combine it with my knowledge of smartphones. Together they make for an enticing combination. It’s great to see my clients amazed at what I teach them, become educated in running their business using their smartphone and excited about the new business I help them bring in. For inquiries regarding smartphone consulting, smartphone training for your staff, or other questions, you can schedule a Private Consultation.