Walk Into A Meeting, Phone Automatically Silences

I previously told you how to quickly silence your phone in the off chance you forgot to put it on silent or vibrate before that important executive meeting.  No one wants to be “that” person people are looking at when their phone goes off.

For those of you who have regularly scheduled meetings, Timeriffic by RDRR Labs is the perfect app in this situation.  The application has many uses, but for our purposes I will focus on the volume controlling function of that app.

Set Up & Use

As an executive example let’s say you wake up at 6:00 AM, have a meeting from 9-10 AM, dinner with your spouse from 7-8 PM, and go to sleep at 11 PM.

  1. Download the Timeriffic App
  2. Press the action overflow (the three little dots) or menu button
  3. Select Add New Profile
  4. Enter a profile name of your choosing
  5. Press and hold the purple bar that has your profile name in it
  6. Select Insert New Action
  7. In this scenario the executive goes to bed at 11, so change the time on the screen to eleven pm and place a checkmark in Days Monday – Saturday
  8. Press the Ring Volume button
  9. Select Change the following value to: and make the value 0%
  10. Repeat for the other actions through the executive day.  The process should look like this

7,881 people giving the app an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 serves as a testament to the quality and usefulness Timeriffic has.  Due to Apple’s strict set of rules when it comes to giving apps system access on iOS, Timeriffic is only available for Android.  With that said, enjoy the freedom Android provides and allow your phone to silence itself.

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