Setting Up Your New Smartphone for Business Use, Pt. 1

It’s the day after a celebratory event and you’re excited about the new smartphone you’ve just received that you know will drastically increase productivity. Before getting lost in downloading all sorts of various apps mentioned online, here are a few crucial things that should be done in order to ensure you reach your smartphones true business potential.

1. Personalization

2. Security

3. Consolidation


Brand recognition is big part of the business world today, yet no one talks about translating it to your phone. Does your company have a logo? Set it as your phone’s background. Is there a sound or song that your company is synonymous with? Set it as your ring, text or email tone. There’s plenty you can do to truly make your phone appear that it’s all about your business. Every time you pick up your device you’ll be reminded of how proud you are to be a part of a company that you helped build.  If you’ve given your employees phones for business use, be sure to communicate to them that this must be done to their devices as well.

Here is the logo I have set as my wallpaper on my smartphone

Here is the logo I have set as my wallpaper on my smartphone

This will also aid in increasing brand recognition as well serve as a conversation stater in the very real chance that someone sees your phone and asks you about it.  A great looking smartphone that proudly displays your logo as the wallpaper is certain to catch someone’s eye.

What do conversations create? Potential customers!

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