Optimize Your Smartphone to Meet Your Business Needs

Personal digital assistants like tablets and mobile phones are designed to carry out simple to complicated tasks. With your handheld device, sending and receiving proposals can be done faster and more convenient. But how do we make the most of smartphones so it can complement your business?

Smartphone compliment your business

Based on a study conducted by Microsoft, the use of mobile technology is crucial for 65 percent of employees to do their job effectively. In line with this, 45 percent of mid-sized business believes that this technology has increased their revenues.

It’s now time to come up with a few tips so you can maximize your mobile gadget use to fit your daily business activities.

Install Productivity Apps

Productivity apps, available in free and premium versions over the market. For a business gadget, a good office application such as the following:

  • Polaris Office is a powerful tool to use. It allows you to open, edit and even create documents, presentations and spreadsheets. It functions like your PC’s Microsoft Office Suite. Some mobile phones such as BlackBerry and Windows Phone has a built in office productivity suite.
  • Maps play a significant role in the corporate world because of its helpful GPS and turn-by-turn navigation. With this, meeting up with your clients will be a lot easier and faster. If you want to use the default service, it’s fine. But there is a third party mapping service like the Waze to outsmart traffic.
  • Some apps like Remember The Milk gives you the power to manage and organize important tasks.
  • Evernote  can assist you in taking down notes and important data which can really be time-consuming and physically draining. With this app on your device, you can do numerous note-taking tasks with ease.

– Create and edit text notes.

– Record audio of your meetings.

– Share notes with colleagues and business partners.

– Sync all your notes from your computer to all your hand-held gadgets.

  • With Dropbox, large file sharing is made easier.  Upload various files and send business proposals, meeting agenda and presentations to your colleagues with ease. Plus you can take your files everywhere you go. The app can also be used to work offline; all you need to do is to add it to your Favorite folder. This free application also allows you to easily edit document files and grab photos, presentations for a quick retouch. This is one of the highly used apps for sharing files.

Purchase Battery Extension

In a previous post, tips to save battery life were given to help you minimize battery consumption. . Most of the flagship devices (refer to the O2 website for the top-rated smartphones) have standard 1440 mAh battery while others hold an additional 2600 mAh. But how about maximizing its power?  If you will use your smartphone for business purposes, enabling the LTE for faster file sharing and synching your email as well as your social media accounts will surely empty your battery before the end of the day. With this limitation, a battery extension is advisable. It can be in a form of a pocket charger with a dock to hold your mobile.

Use Mobile Cloud Apps

Mobile cloud storage acts like an intelligent backup system in cases where you accidentally format your phone’s MicroSD card. Plus, cloud services promote a more convenient way of file sharing. For example, an office group can create a common Dropbox account where members can upload and share office related files. It can be viewed and downloaded by simply logging in to the account. Then we have SkyDrive. It is also a great file hosting service that comes with an integrated Microsoft Office apps should you wish to edit files even if you don’t have an office app.

There are plenty of other ways to optimize your phone for work but the top suggestions are some of the best. Do you have tips on how you use your smartphone to be more productive for your business? Share them on the comments below.

Image Source: Propel Marketing
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