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Android is the mobile operating system created by Google and steadily competes with Apple as the most prevalent os in the world.  Although it originally did not have the same polish and following as its competitors, Android has now become a mature operating system that is more than ready to tackle the business world.  Its openness allows users to be creative and truly make a smartphone feel like their own.


The Android operating system is synonymous with one word: freedom.  Unlike the iPhone, an Android equipped smartphone provides the user with ability to customize their device to their hearts content.  For example, one set of screens can be associated with all of your business activities such as note taking, upcoming calendar events, business contacts, e-mail and more.  Another set of screens can be composed of family photos, to do lists and games for your children. Thanks to Android’s widgets the user has the ability to view all of this information without even opening an app.   Think of it as having a phone to run your business, one to play on and one for family time, all in one device.

Another benefit of the Android operating system is that the hardware comes from multiple manufactures.  As a business owner this allows you to pick the best device that fits your specific company need.  You may want a phone with a screen that’s larger than 4” in order to view important reports, one that has a built in stylus, or one that’s composed of a greater amount of plastic to decrease fragility.  The choice is yours, which is always a good thing, especially when great hardware is combined with even better software.

The sheer amount of Google integrated services within Android devices is something that you will care to appreciate the more you use your phone to run your business.  An Android powered smartphone is capable of learning your traveling habits to prevent you from getting stuck in traffic, the way you enunciate words to accuracy when issuing voice commands and adapting to your search terms in order to provide you with specific information that is relevant to you.  Imagine that you’re waiting for a package to arrive at a facility so that you can go pick it up. Your smartphone has the ability to inform you of when the package has shipped, been delivered and then use voice navigation to get you there the fastest.  During the off chance you unexpectedly leave your phone, all contacts within your device, map locations, e-mail and more are also available to you from any computer.


Android being available on so many different kinds of phone is also its downfall.   Google’s tends to upgrade their operating system once a year and when they do so, it’s up to the carrier to push that update out to its users.  This means that you could possibly be waiting months for an update to come through while other phones receive it months ahead.  For this reason Teach Execs offers a paid smartphone selection service to help ensure that you select a phone that will be as up to date as possible while helping to increase your business productivity using that very same phone.

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