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Have you ever wondered how those fantastic looking infographics with an abundance of statistics, charts and graphs all put together in a beautifully flowing page?  As it turns out, you don’t need an expensive editing program and a graphic design major in order to create those statistically informative pictures of art.  Only two things are needed in order to quickly create an infographic of your own: 1) Statistics 2) Visme.

What is Visme?

Visme Examples

Visme presents itself as user friendly tool for anyone who has the desire to create a stylish product presentation, infographic, report or web content.  It’s true purpose is meant to take a set of data and present it in an eye appealing way that will make people want to actually read the statistics that are being presented, such as the fastest charging smartphones of 2016.  After using Visme, I can wholeheartedly say that it does a great job of presenting information that grabs readers.  Every available design scheme leads your eye from one fact to the next, with a professional finish.  It’s much more pleasant than reading facts and figures appearing in a plain table or word document.  Companies such as Microsoft and Symantic have used Visme within their business, assuring you that it’s a trusted product.

The User Interface

Visme’s user interface is very intuitive.  If you can click and drag objects then you’ll have no issues using it.  The left column contains all of the templates, shapes, icons and widgets necessary to create a project.  Speaking of templates, there are thousands to choose from.  They’re all themed with the right amount of flare to make your presentation stand out from one that someone created in a photo editing program or other software such as PowerPoint.  A library of images is also at your disposal, saving time that would otherwise be spent hunting around for images that may be copy-written.  Your own images can also be added of course.

Editing options in visme

Controlling the movement of images is pretty smooth.  Although there were times that I had a slight issue trying to select a widget that was right next to another, it was quickly remedied by the fact that items has a layer that can be moved either forward or backward.  The variety of fonts was one of the things I was most impressed with.  There aren’t an overwhelming amount of them and the ones that are available truly look different from one another.  Shadows can be added to text and the options to control the look of the shadows can be adjusted with sliders, moving the shadow with your cursor or by entering numerical values.  If you end up designing a widget that you’d like to duplicate a simple right click with the mouse will bring up the copy menu and another version of the widget will be pasted with another right click.

Sharing Your Creation

After completing your design, it can be published in a variety of manners.  A created link can be shared to your audience, listed as private so that only individuals who already have the link can view the presentation, or it can be simply downloaded.  Your creation can also be embedded in a website or blog, ensuring any music or animations in your creation will be seen.  A great feature of Visme is that any presentation created will be responsive so that it will maintain a professional look no matter if it’s viewed on a smartphone or lap.

Give It A Try

I’ve only scratched the surface of Visme, but I suggest you give it a try.  I have no doubt that you’ll quickly become comfortable with it and will want to use it for future presentations of many varieties.  The basic version is free and allows 3 projects to be created at once, while the $7/month standard option increases that number to 15.  The $16/month premium option unlocks all available features such as tracking analytics and collaborative options.

I’d enjoy seeing any of your Visme creations!  Leave a link in the comments so that we can all experience your designs.  Here’s one I did that shows the smartphones with the quickest charging times of 2016.  Did yours make this list?





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